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"quality" from heart

Our company is doing check on a daily basis of manufacturing process,raw materials and microbiology in equipment and employees engaged in manufacture.Bcause of checking the point of key of manufacture process,we realize securing the safe and shipping products that can be used with confidence to our customers.

For customers that we do not know whether it is any manufacturer, the product will be the "face of our company.

It is thankfully more than anything for us that customers are looking our products with want to buy(eat),and we rated as "good" .

Providing stable quality products that our customers can enjoy the peace of mind is our mission, and it is essential for the employees involved in the production in order to maintain the quality "(personal hygiene voluntary) Heart". Hardware installation, such as manufacturing equipment from good performance, and it is important "heart" of employees dealing with them, no matter how we think.

I want loving ones to eat something safe

For an important person and our valued customers.We make a food with feeling.I believe that the human mind to think carefully is the origin of making delicious food to eat every day with confidence.
In order to increase the employee's "voluntary health conscious", we are doing "10 minutes education". Confirmation of admission rules and, in the factory of the basic rules,teaching you how to deal with irregular occurrence cited etc.
Content is different, the common point is putting and acting oneself in the position of customers who always buy a product. And it make you proud to society as a professional product, the product is recommended to family and friends with confidence.

With the motto to create an environment in which employees can demonstrate"health consciousvoluntary" in naturally.
Cherish the origin of the food that we think and build,
I will continue to ship the product safe and secure,place important on the origin of making the food that we think.

Yoshiaki Mukoda Quality Management Division

Head Plant
Masukata 687-1 Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

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Nagoya Plant
70, rukawa, Toyoba, Toyoyama-cho, Nishi-Kasugai-gun, Aichi-ken

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Tokyo Office
4F shinbashimizoguchiBldg 4-4-3 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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