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Greeting from president
Since its establishment in 2003, I have been engaged in the processing and sale of seafood management motto "bright and fun."
I think it is our mission to deliver the goods safe and secure by the Company is expected, and is responsible for high quality.

To explore to respond flexibly to the needs of the times when, insisting on quality, a new one.

We will continue to contribute to the future of food in the future.

‘ Trade name Marine Fresh Co.,Ltd.
‘ Establishment   October 30, 2003
‘ Representative   Kimura Sogo
‘ Capital   15,000,000 yen
‘ Business   1.Processing and sales of marine products
2.Technical guidance and production of processed foods, processed marine products
3.Import and sale of marine products
4.General operations of the processing and sale of fresh food
5.Restaurant management
‘ Employee   80 people
‘ Location  
E Head Plant
687-1 Masukata Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture § 350-1172
TEL F +81-49-293-7255
FAX F +81-49-248-2258
E Nagoya Plant
Rukawa 70 character address Toyoba Oaza Toyoyama gun, Aichi Prefecture § 480-0202 Nishikasugai
TEL F +81-568-65-9091
FAX F +81-568-65-9092
E Tokyo Office
4F shinbashimizoguchiBldg 4-4-3 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo § 105-0004
‘ Main sales destination   JF Zengyoren, Each consignee market, Maguro ichiba Ltd.
‘ The main suppliers   Furuuchi fisheries,Ltd.
JF Zengyoren
‘ Banking relationship   Saitama Resona Bank(KawagoeBranch)
Mizuho bank(KawagoeBranch)
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